Botox Injections

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Why Botox injections?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt dissatisfied with what you see? We all have areas that we want to improve as we start to identify the signs of ageing, such as; worry lines, frown lines and crows feet. Anti-Wrinkle injections or more commonly known BOTOX® could be the answer.

When we develop these lines unfortunately it can often lead to self consciousness and lower self esteem. These attributes can have a detrimental affect on our lifestyles and confidence.

The components of the treatment

Botulinum A toxin® most commonly known as BOTOX® is a proven, safe and affective method used to treat the signs of ageing, by preventing and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is administered by a fully certified Nurse, the process takes around 45 minutes including consultation, time for the Nurse to prepare the solution, injection time and for aftercare to be explained. The injections are administered using extremely fine needles, this is to ensure less trauma to the treated areas resulting in minimal bruising and to reduce discomfort when injecting.

The Botulinum A Toxin protein is enzymatic agent which cleaves receptors in acetylecholine producing nerve synapses. One molecule can cleave many receptors, and this is why so little is required to get and effect. This is different to most medication that binds as a ligand to just one receptor. This is why pound for pound it is one of the most powerful drugs ever known and is also desribed therefore as the most powerful neurotoxin ever discovered.

How it works…

To summarize the treatment uses a purified protein that once mixed with saline will temporarily relax the muscles and glands that cause wrinkles. Trimming off a receptor that usually passes the message from nerve to muscle. This process is temporary, the receptor that passes the message will regenerate in 3-6 months and therefore known as “wearing off”. The process takes up to 2 weeks to fully relax the muscle, the most common side effects after treatment include, headache, bleeding and bruising.

What next?

The first point of contact will be when you get in touch to organise a free consultation. Following this we will see if the treatments is an viable option, once we have gone through your aims and achievable outcome from the treatment, we can arrange an appointment to commence. (All Cosmetic procedure are for over 18’s only)